• Sing a New Song

    Music is what brought me to church in the first place.

    I’ll never forget it: me, a college senior, wandering into the sanctuary of the United Church of Christ of Vermillion, SD one Sunday morning. Looking for something, but I couldn’t have told you what. Sitting down in the back pew and then—enveloped in a wash of melody and harmony, the beautiful music of Taizé, short songs repeated over and over again, into ecstatic infinity. I spent the whole service in tears. And from that day on – I was hooked.

    Now, I offer my music to you and your community, free of charge – it’s my way of giving back. If you want to use these songs in your worship, go for it! Sheet music is available by email. I only ask that you email me to note when, where, and in what context you plan to sing my songs, and that you include the following authorship note in your worship bulletin. (I also encourage a $10 per song per use donation to my Patreon, if you’re able to do so.)


    Words & Music: Copyright © 2019 by Tom Emanuel. All rights reserved. Additional worship songs by Tom Emanuel are available at www.poetpastor.com. Email: poetpastorist@gmail.com

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