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the s-word (incessantly human #14)

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Howdy, comrades!

Prepare for a Red Scare! The new episode of INCESSANTLY HUMAN is out now as Aaron and I discuss the dreaded "S-word" - socialism! We both identify as socialists of one stripe or another, and this episode sees us exploring what led us down the path to radicalization, where the Left stands in the era of Trump and Biden/Harris, and how socialism isn't just a political commitment for us but also an outworking of our spirituality.

It's a great episode and presages future episodes on this and related topics - we might even crack open some Marx in the next episode or too! Take a listen here. Tell your friends, tell your comrades, and if you're listening on Apple Podcasts, do us a favor and drop a five-star rating and a comment if you really liked what we had to say! :)

Blessin's + solidarity, --Tom

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