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the gospel of light (incessantly human)

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Greetings, beloveds!

If you knew my creative partner Aaron Eaves and me during our seminary days in the San Francisco Bay Area, you'll remember Mythic Theater, our genre-bending musical theater cum ritual arts practice in which we sought to bring old myths alive for the present day - and create new myths to speak to our own age as our ancestors' myths once spoke to theirs. A modest project, I know!

I'm proud to present a new piece, the Mythic Theater's first since 2016: The Gospel of Light. We've released it as a kind of "Mythic Radio Theater" on our podcast Incessantly Human, so give it a spin on your favorite podcast-listening platform. We hope you find it meaningful and memorable. May it bring a little much-needed light to your life in these twilit times of ours. <3

Blessin's, --Tom

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