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#musicmondays: 'remember who you are'

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#MusicMondays and it's the "theme song" to my novel The Place Where Magic Begins: "Remember Who You Are." By which I mean, an adapted version of this song appears more than once at significant moments in the text!

You can download this song at the music tab to your left, pay-as-you-wish (though I humbly suggest $1 per download). Sheet music is available on request, just shoot me an email.

And keep your ears open for another EP drop in just a week-and-a-half on Friday, December 20! "God Is Still Speaking: Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 2" coming to a BandCamp near you...!

Remember who you are
Remember who you are
Remember who you're meant to be
Is who you've always been
Remember who you are
Remember who you are
And all that's unresolved in you
Will return to Love again

Tom Emanuel: vocals, keyboard
Eric McEuen: guitar, vocals
Vince Colbert: recording & production

Words & Music © 2018 by Tom Emanuel
Recorded July 2019 at The Sanctuary Denver

[Image: Spearfish Falls, Spearfish Canyon, SD]

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