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#musicmondays: 'my god is my strength & my song'

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"Why have I reason to fear...?"

#MusicMondays this week is a tune for Advent, from my upcoming EP "God Is Still Speaking: Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 2." (new release date: Friday 12/20/2019!) Sheet music for use in your community is available on request! Just drop me a line at

Take courage, be patient, and wait for the Light...


My God is my strength and my song

Why have I reason to fear?

Take courage, be patient and wait for the Light

Know that our God is near!

Tom Emanuel: vocals + flute
Eric McEuen: guitar + vocals
Vern Rempel: piano
Vince Colbert: recording & engineering

Words & music © 2014 by Tom Emanuel
Recorded October 2019 at The Sanctuary Denver

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