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#musicmondays: 'god is still speaking'

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For #MusicMondays this week we have the title track for my upcoming EP, "God Is Still Speaking: Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 2." Thanks to my buddy Eric McEuen for guitar, Vern Rempel for piano, and to Vince Colbert for mixing and mastering! The new EP drops on Bandcamp on Friday, November 29, 2019, just in time for Advent and the holidays. :)

If you want to support, here's the link to the ongoing GoFundMe, or become a monthly subscriber through Patreon. Sheet music is available by request at

Blessin's, --Tom


by Tom Emanuel

God is still speaking in this place!
Let us serve one another and embrace
Ev'ry child as God's Beloved
Find Christ in ev'ry face, whoa-oh
God is still speaking, God is still speaking
God is still speaking in this place!

In the glory of a sunrise
In the stars up in the sky
In the still, small voice that calls to you
And beckons you to fly


In the midst of new dimensions
In the face of the unknown
In the space between what's yet to be
And the faith we've always known


In the passion of a lover
In the shelter of a friend
In the fight for justice rolling down
And a love that never ends


Tom Emanuel: vocals
Eric McEuen: guitar
Vern Rempel: piano
Vince Colbert: recording & engineering

Words & music © 2019 by Tom Emanuel
Written for First Congregational United Church of Christ, Watertown, SD
Recorded October 2019 at The Sanctuary Denver

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