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Music Mondays: 'Summer of Love'

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New song for #MusicMondays! And it's not even "religious" in nature. I mean, yes, it mentions God twice, but really it's a love song. (But what is love if not God...?)

Annnnnnyway, I started playing with the melody and arrangement back in the summer of '67--er, '17, I should say. Fifty years on from the historical Summer of Love, that is. I knew the title and the tagline, but I never could find words that would go with the tune...

...until I enlisted my fiancé to co-write with me. And then, of course, it all came together. So here's a love song: to the San Francisco Bay Area, and to the lovely humans I met there, and to one especially lovely human in particular. <3

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Words & music © 2019 by Tom Emanuel & Satya Tabachnick

Holding hands in the heat of the summer
Driving loud through the sunshine and lightning and thunder
Kissing lads filled the streets with their lovers, lovers
We came down in the summer of love

Skipping through the woods with the heavens above us
We made love with the leaves as they fell on the water
No regrets for the seasons returning
We came down in the summer of love

We were rolling, screaming and shouting
We were losing our goddamn minds
We were driving down from the mountains
Wondering what we would find

Giving promises to the shimmering waters
Climbing high to the places of towering wonder
Finding God in the eyes of our lovers
Like a dream in the summer of love


We were rolling, laughing on the shoreline
We were shining like sun on the Bay
We believed in love and God and magic
At the breaking of day

We arose and went down with the sunset
Nearly drowned in the ocean of sky up above us
We got lost, sometimes, in the beauty
We were found in the summer of love

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