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Music Mondays: 'relearning history'

· songwriting,singer-songwriter,indigenous rights

#musicmondays this week is the first verse of a song I'm working on called "Relearning History." Or possibly "This Land" - it's a work-in-progress. Whatever the title, I'm hoping to have it ready for Indigenous Peoples Day - which is the only name by which we should call it, seeing as how Christopher Columbus was a genocidal douche.

Words below, for those who can't read my atrocious handwriting.


This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York island
The words they taught me when I was younger
You know I always loved that song

That shining vision of a place for everyone
No matter who you are, no matter what you've done
And they told me my land was a city on a hill
But never thought to mention whose it was before I came alo

Stay tuned for more. :)

Blessin's, --Tom

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