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MUSIC MONDAYS: 'a new song'

#MusicMondays and it's "A New Song" from my recent EP, BLESSED ARE YOU: SONGS OF THE SPIRIT, available for download under the "Music" tab at left or at

So: where are you seeing signs of God's great revolution this week? I'm inspired by Gretha Thunberg and all the young people who are turning out and stepping up to protect the planet we all call home for the #GlobalClimateStrike.

If you want to use this song in worship (either as a solo piece in F or as a congregational song in D - it's a lot easier to sing for us non-tenors!), shoot me an email for sheetmusic and copyright deets. 


In the meantime, enjoy, and keep your eyes and ears open for another music announcement soon! And as always, for

Blessin's, --Tom


Words & Music © 2019 by Tom Emanuel

(A1) Sing a new song to the God of Creation!
Sing a new song to your God, all the earth
To the One who has claimed you and given a name to
Dearly Beloved, of Infinite Worth

(A2) You are a lamp to give light to the nations
Sing out with joy for the gift that is you!
In your struggles and stories, your failures and glories
You testify to the Way and the Truth
(B1) Whether you're male or female, cis- or transgender
God has created you, God finds fulfillment in you
Straight, gay, or bi, black or white, brown or red, you are
Loved by God, blessed now to be and to do
(A3) Sing the Good News of God's great revolution
Tell all the world that the Kin-dom draws near!
And regardless of nation, race, gender, or station
All of God's children may live free from fear
(A4) Come fill your cup at the wells of salvation
Come raise your glass to a world soon reborn
In the image and likeness of justice and kindness
God's reign of compassion shall rise like the morn
(B2) Come, Holy Spirit, and break all the chains that still bind us!
Come now and harrow the hells we have made here on earth
Free every captive, give hope to the hopeless, and
Grant us peace, the courage to live and to serve
(A5) Who then shall go, and whom shall God send for?
Who then shall be the salt and the light?
It is you and it's me, for freedom set free,
Who will answer the summons and join in the fight

(A6) We are the ones who are called to love mercy
We are the ones who are called to bring peace
To do justice and struggle 'gainst forces of evil
Let us pray: God be with us 'til all but love shall cease

Tom Emanuel: vocals
Eric McEuen: guitar
Vince Colbert: recording, mixing

Recorded July 2019 at The Sanctuary Denver​

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