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knockin' down the clowns (Incessantly Human)

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Hi, comrades!

You've probably noticed that Aaron and I are on hiatus with our podcast, currently known as INCESSANTLY HUMAN but soon to be known as... well, you'll have to join us on November 9th when we blast into our second season with a new name, a new format, a new president-elect, and the same biting religious and political analysis you've come to know and tolerate!

In the meantime, here's some bonus content for you, as Aaron and I cover last night's U.S. presidential debate between Joey B and DJT. (Joe Biden and Donald Trump, that is.) We fail at brevity but succeed at sardonic laughter. Here's what we sound like without notes and a drink or two in us!

Also, REMEMBER TO VOTE on November 3!

Much love, --Tom

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