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incessantly human #8: pseudosocial media

Hey loves!

Aaron and I are back with what I believe is our best episode of INCESSANTLY HUMAN yet. Certainly it's the one that I'm proudest of, and I think we're really finding our groove and our voice with this project. I hope you click through to the link below and give it a listen on your favorite streaming platform!


Tom expounds his Grand Unified Theory of Why Social Media Sucks. Aaron interrupts him when the joyless Marxism becomes overwhelming. Digressions on politics, prayer, and performance ensue. [CW: brief discussions of homophobic bullying and suicide]

We're having such a ball with this podcast that we're moving our production schedule up to once weekly, so look for new episodes to drop every Monday from now until the foreseeable future!

Blessin's, --Tom

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