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goodbye new york city, hello portland

Goodbye New York City, hello Portland!

You've probably noticed this site has been a little quiet lately. There's a few reasons for that: in the first place, I was living with some real mental health challenges throughout the month of October. Then, I was on writing retreat in Maine, finishing the first draft of my first novel, the fantasy The Place Where Magic Begins. Then, in the last week, I've been finalizing plans for my next step into my call.

And so, after much discernment with my beloved fiance, I'm feeling called to leave the Hudson River for the Columbia and the Willamette at the end of this month. In addition to being the place where my mother and younger sibling and many friends live (not to mention my fiance's family), Portland is also the place we were always meaning to go after she finishes her Unitarian Universalist internship in NYC. I'm looking forward to putting down roots there while I carry on with my writing and PoetPastor ministries and seek fuller-time employment.

I can't say I'm sorry to see the back of you, New York. But I thank you for the lessons and the memories - I'll be back at least a couple times in the next eight months (you know, to visit the fiance and all that).

Thanks, y'all. Much love. <3


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